How To Lose Thigh Fat?

How To Lose Thigh Fat?

Everyone has a dream to get a toned and slim thigh, but everybody also knows that targeted thigh fat reduction is not possible without some effective exercises. No one can reduce thigh fat only without losing overall body fat. You can tone your thighs and lower body area, so it seems slim and you can carry your ideal pair of shorts or skirt with full confidence.

Effective Exercises For Losing Thigh Fat

Following are some useful exercises that you can do at your home without any exercising equipment to tone down your thighs.


Running is a great and most reliable exercise to lose overall body fat but especially thigh fat. Running provides a big list of other advantages like muscle development, bone strengthening, keeping the body in shape, and building stamina. Besides, this helps to prevent you from cardiovascular problems and obesity. Running exercise can reduce your thigh fat and shape your bulky thighs into muscle ones.


Step-up is surely a good exercise to build your leg muscles and give strength to your knees. Everyone can easily do step-ups on stairs, on a step-up bench, or on a sturdy chair. Without following proper precautions and execution for this exercise, you can get hurt. For step-ups exercise, you need to step on & off a steady bench with both your feet, instead. Repeat this until you feel the burning impacts in your thighs area.

Leg Circle

Leg circle is a simple and very effective exercise to reduce the extra thighs fat. For such exercise, you need to lay down straight towards your back. Then, you need to focus and take up one leg towards the ceiling. When your leg reaches the maximum level, you need to start making small circles with it in both clockwise & anticlockwise directions (3 to 5 times each). After doing that, you need to bring down the first leg and repeat the same process with the other leg.

Reverse Plank

Reverse Plank is a very effective exercise for losing thigh fat. For this exercise position, you need to sit straight on the floor with your legs & both feet close together. After sitting then, you need to put your both arms on the ground and keep them straight. And then, lift your body by shifting your overall weight on your both arms & heels. Make a straight line with your body and see at the ceiling. Hold this exercising position and squeeze it in your belly area. When you feel you cannot hold position anymore, slowly lower your body back to the starting position.

Brisk Walking

People who cannot do running exercise due to age or other health problems can easily choose brisk walking as the second option. You can take the meaning of this exercise by walking as fast as you can easily do but not running. Brisk walking puts huge pressure on thighs and leg muscles, which may help in reducing all the unnecessary fats and calories from the overall body area.

Jumping Jacks

It is a whole-body workout that can activate various muscle groups in your body. Jumping jacks is a great exercise to lose thigh fat. Stand straight with both feet together and your hands at the sides. Raise your both arms above your head while jumping your feet out to the sides. Immediately reverse the position to jump back to the starting position.

Final Words

There are two types of fat in every person’s body, one is belly fat and another one is thigh fat. Everyone has a great wish to reduce both types of fat but it’s possible only with some effective and useful exercises. These exercises or workouts may help them lose extra body fat the right way and provide them with a smart and slim body.

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